lørdag den 27. april 2019

She made it!

have been looking forward to this weekend like crazy. Teresa is visiting. Just her and no one else. Luca has a confirmation retreat with his dad, so they will be gone most of the weekend and it was not a hard choice for her to make between staying home by herself or flying over here.
But it got a little intense last night as her flight kept getting delayed. First for an hour. Then another half hour. And when they finally boarded they were grounded because of a thunder storm. In the meantime I was waiting in the most insanely boring arrival area. Stuck with a boring book and a phone that might run out of battery if I used it too much. Sigh!
But she made it! And after a late night uber ride back to my car parked by the train station (not a lot of trains late at night) and an even later drive in small dark Pennsylvania roads we had some midnight pizza and now all I have to do is wait for her to wake up!
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