søndag den 14. april 2019

4 weeks.....

have said my goodbyes and hugged Luca extra hard tonight as it will be 4 weeks until I see him again. And Kristian. And Bailey. But not Teresa, who will visit me in only two weeks when Kristian and Luca are on a confirmation retreat with our church. I am on my way back to Philly after such a nice weekend in Ann Arbor. I have managed to do a bit of all the things I like the most, such as biking (gosh - I miss biking) downtown for icecream. I even came across a new succulent, which is tugged nicely away in my carry-on luggage after having been out for a check at security
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I have snuggled with the dog who actually forgave me for giving him a bath. A much needed bath. So needed that I suspect he actually liked getting clean again.
I have been outside with one of my favorite ex-colleagues and her kids. A short hike, but the sun was shining, Ellie was chasing Luca, and Bailey managed to jump onto a fallen tree without immediately falling off. Quite an accomplishment for our chubby clumsy dog - LOL. He was so proud he was beaming. And then he fell off and couldn’t get back up.......
I have been eating Danish easter candy. THE best Easter candy. Period. The marshmallows and marzipan eggs are light years better than all the peanut butter crap they tend to sell here. I was lucky that my sister sent us a box which happened to arrive the day before I did. Perfect!
And as side note I would like to add that having those earbuds have really helped my sleep. Even though I know I am going straight back to my ridiculous upstairs stomping neighbors, I know that these little thingies will allow me to fall asleep to the sound of rain, and that makes a world of difference.

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