tirsdag den 9. april 2019

How much is sleep worth?

lot I would say! It doesn’t take many nights with only little sleep to truly start thinking about how valuable it is. But how valuable? That’s a question I am asking myself these days after another sleepless night because of the upstairs neighbors. They usually come home late on Mondays - around 10PM where they will start to cook and walk (stomp) around, and I have been trying to not stress out about it, stay up a little longer and sleep in a bit on Tuesdays. And on Fridays one of them go to work at 4:30 in the morning, and on Wednesdays....... you get the picture right? Well, yesterday I waited and I waited. And when it was 11:30 I was like “screw that. They are probably out overnight. I’ll just got to bed”. As if! 🙄 all I could do was listen for them without any sleep - until they finally arrived at 1:30AM. Add that to the many other nights of little sleep and the situation is getting a tad bit desperate. I have quite seriously considered just coughing up 2x rent to break the lease and just move straight into a house rather than wait until Kristian and the kids get here. A quick calculation brings that to around 5000$ of extra expenses. Is my sleep worth that much? Maybe. But I googled around for solutions and went straight to Best Buy after work to get these:
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They were certainly not cheap either, but 250$ is after all less then 5000$. And tonight they will get to hang out with two other sleep friends: Big Glass Of Red Wine and NyQuil. I do hope they will make a lovely effective trio that will leave me functioning slightly better tomorrow😴

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