lørdag den 20. april 2019

A small step for (wo)man kind.....

......a big step for Henriette!
Today is a very special day as I have done something that I have tried to stay away from for the longest time. Something embarrassingly simple that most people do on a regular basis without even thinking about it. One of those things where it just grew even more embarrassing with every day going by where I did not do it. And for years I just did this:
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But now I am in Pennsylvania all by myself with no one else to do it for me.
What can this be, you may ask yourself? What is is that she cannot do, this women who speaks at international conferences, who has fearlessly biked in snowstorms, and given birth to 3 children, and who can do complicated surgeries in animals?
I put gas on my car today🥳

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PeterK sagde ...

Tillykke med bilen ! Ja den er ikke køn, men ser rummelig ud ;-). Håber det går godt i Philly