lørdag den 29. oktober 2016

Orlando trip

We are back from a couple of amazing and exhausting days in Orlando. The plan was Disney World and not really much more - primarily based on my total ignorance of what would be possible in the land of sunshine, palm trees, and theme parks. Lucky for me, my sister was a pro!

Luca and I flew down Sunday afternoon to Orlando, where Christine was waiting in the airport. It took a little effort to find eachother as our phones kept messing it up. And the shuttle to the hotel was kind of messed up too resulting in a free cab ride. Not bad.

Monday was Magic Kingdom day. I have never even been close to any Disney park, so I didn't really know what to expect. Well two things were certain. The magic doesn't start until you are inside (after a crowded bus ride and a bag search), and as long as you leave your account information and your pride by the entrance it will be nothing short of amazing!
on the "magical" crowded bus

"magical" bag search

First stop: get crazy Disney headgear for all!

and now the magic can begin :-)

Next stop: get fast pass ride booked.

And then it was time to take it all in. Luca does not like roller coasters! At all! But he sure does like spending money and he got himself an autograph book so he could get it signed from all the Disney characters he could find (except princesses though - he does have certain standards after all).

Oh, and regarding leaving your pride and account information at the entrance? Please leave any feminism out there as well. LOL

We had a blast trying rides. Fast pass entrance rocked and we got into "it's a small world" in a matter of minutes. We also tried "monsters inc laugh floor" where the camera seemed to pick out a certain redhead quite fast. Here's Luca on the big screen.

We did the Buzz Lightyear ride, and the jungle safari boats, where we heard enough lame jokes to last quite some time.

We also got a good view of the parade. It was SO impressive, and the look on Luca's face when he got high fives by Goofy was priceless.

Our plan was to stay until the fireworks, but all the restaurants were booked and we were incredibly exhausted, so our magic evening was spent in a hotel bed watching "chopped" on the food  network and eating room service dinner, before Luca passed out moments after exclaiming that he had just had the best day in his entire life!

I did not really have any idea of how to spend Tuesday. But again, who would ask an ignorant like me anyways? Honestly I didn't even consider that universal studios were also in Orlando. But now I know!

It was less crowded than the magic kingdom the previous day and we got to walk through all of universal studios including every motion simulator ride we could find (do not  underestimate Krusty land - just sayin'. It looked like they were pretty busy cleaning up some puke before we were let in!). It was wild but Luca absolutely loved it. We also took the Hogwarts express to Fantasy Island, and made it all around the park including Jurassic park (I did not allow him any gene sequencing fun in there though - I have plenty of that at work!), cartoon land, Marvel land, Dr Seuss land etc etc.

Christine insisted that we made it to the animal show, where they had dogs (including Marley from "Marley and me" and Frank from "Men in black"), cats, pigs, birds, chicken and a single skunk. It was mind blowing what they could teach these animals. A certain cute redhead was chosen to join on the stage for doing a dog stunt and a bird stunt. When the bird stunt included a turkey vulture at the end, it was time to leave the stage though ;-)

Luca and the dove

We had dinner outside the park at "cowfish" where we all enjoyed bento boxes and a marvelous sunset outdoors. And once again none of us had trouble falling asleep......

Now we are on our way home. Luca is wearing his brand new Pokemon sweater, and I am not too excited about the jealous faces I will have to encounter at home. The rest of the family was cool with Luca and I visiting Disney world, but they feel pretty back-stabbed that we also went to universal studios without them, which is totally understandable. They would all have loved it there. Hopefully there will be a next time sometime, right Christine?

torsdag den 20. oktober 2016

October life

Life lately has been....... well life lately. In an October kind of way. I have a thing for butternut and acorn squash and try to eat them as often as possible. And we have done a tiny bit of halloween decorations. Just a bit. And honestly - that trip to Target, where we found it, was such a good one. Target for Halloween and Christmas is just the best! And a whole lot less distasteful than what can be found at other stores.......


Ulrik has had his first test. The practise SAT. We went to an info meeting about all this testing and college applications etc and it just stressed me out on the spot. Not only is college one of the most defining periods of the rest of a life, so you really want to make sure that your kid goes to a place that is right for them, but it is also really expensive and filled with "rules" that we do not know, because we have never tried it before. I guess we just have to start climbing up that mountain too. At least we have become really good at climbing mental mountains :-/

The apartment is slowly filling up with ceramic. Ulrik is really enjoying his ceramics classes and every time he brings something home, he talks about that next piece that is almost ready, that will be so much better. 

Luca has band in school this year, and has decided to stick with flutes (the rest of the family are kind of relieved he did not get the violin.....)

And the dog still cracks us up on a regular basis. Why can he just not sit like a regular proper dog? The legs somehow always escape like they belonged on a rubber chicken.
Sunday Luca and I will fly to Orlando to meet up with my sister and spend a couple of days in Disney world. We are both beyond excited and I will make sure to spam the blog with pictures. Stay tuned!

søndag den 16. oktober 2016

onsdag den 12. oktober 2016

Going nuts

So my bike has been broken........

I repeat: My bike has been BROKEN!

For those of you who do not know me, this means that my world stopped spinning and I have to spend significant time every day doing something I absolutely despise: riding the bus :-(

At first it seemed simple. The chain needed adjustment, but then the rear tire needed to be replaced and once that was done, Kristian could not get the nut back on. The nut that holds everything together. Small world problems, right? So he went to Home Depot. And ACE hardware. And the bike shop down the street. And amazon. No luck in finding a replacement nut, because the one that my bike needed was 10.5mm inside, and every nut in the US (apparently) was either 10mm or 12mm.

I seriously almost cried of frustration. Until I decided to contact my colleague that can fix everything. He somehow managed to track down the one and only nut on the North American continent in the appropriate size and yesterday it arrived from Seattle. Here it is. Isn't it just a pretty sight ;-)

Our stove is broken too. Sigh. Yesterday all our power went away and when they finally got it back on close to 10PM we figured out that the stove was somehow dysfunctional and needed to be switched off. They haven't repaired it yet and my skills in cooking dinner with no heat are non-existing (we don't even have a microwave) but hey, blog post writing does not take a functional oven, right?

Still there are things to appreciate. Tomorrow we have a cleaning agency coming over for the first weekly appoinment I am as excited as a kid for Christmas. No more nasty arguing about washing the floors or trying to hype that kids about the awesome task of scrubbing the toilet. It is even a lot cheaper than I expected. Only 45$ for a weekly cleaning by a small company that use only environmental friendly cleaning stuff. Yay. The thought of stepping through the door on any random Thursday to a clean home - aaaaaaah.