torsdag den 20. oktober 2016

October life

Life lately has been....... well life lately. In an October kind of way. I have a thing for butternut and acorn squash and try to eat them as often as possible. And we have done a tiny bit of halloween decorations. Just a bit. And honestly - that trip to Target, where we found it, was such a good one. Target for Halloween and Christmas is just the best! And a whole lot less distasteful than what can be found at other stores.......


Ulrik has had his first test. The practise SAT. We went to an info meeting about all this testing and college applications etc and it just stressed me out on the spot. Not only is college one of the most defining periods of the rest of a life, so you really want to make sure that your kid goes to a place that is right for them, but it is also really expensive and filled with "rules" that we do not know, because we have never tried it before. I guess we just have to start climbing up that mountain too. At least we have become really good at climbing mental mountains :-/

The apartment is slowly filling up with ceramic. Ulrik is really enjoying his ceramics classes and every time he brings something home, he talks about that next piece that is almost ready, that will be so much better. 

Luca has band in school this year, and has decided to stick with flutes (the rest of the family are kind of relieved he did not get the violin.....)

And the dog still cracks us up on a regular basis. Why can he just not sit like a regular proper dog? The legs somehow always escape like they belonged on a rubber chicken.
Sunday Luca and I will fly to Orlando to meet up with my sister and spend a couple of days in Disney world. We are both beyond excited and I will make sure to spam the blog with pictures. Stay tuned!

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Anonym sagde ...

Kære Henriette og Luca,

I må have en fantastisk tur og jeg glæder mig til at se billederne.


Henriette sagde ...

Vi havde saadan en god tur. Der kommer billeder lige om lidt :-)