onsdag den 12. oktober 2016

Going nuts

So my bike has been broken........

I repeat: My bike has been BROKEN!

For those of you who do not know me, this means that my world stopped spinning and I have to spend significant time every day doing something I absolutely despise: riding the bus :-(

At first it seemed simple. The chain needed adjustment, but then the rear tire needed to be replaced and once that was done, Kristian could not get the nut back on. The nut that holds everything together. Small world problems, right? So he went to Home Depot. And ACE hardware. And the bike shop down the street. And amazon. No luck in finding a replacement nut, because the one that my bike needed was 10.5mm inside, and every nut in the US (apparently) was either 10mm or 12mm.

I seriously almost cried of frustration. Until I decided to contact my colleague that can fix everything. He somehow managed to track down the one and only nut on the North American continent in the appropriate size and yesterday it arrived from Seattle. Here it is. Isn't it just a pretty sight ;-)

Our stove is broken too. Sigh. Yesterday all our power went away and when they finally got it back on close to 10PM we figured out that the stove was somehow dysfunctional and needed to be switched off. They haven't repaired it yet and my skills in cooking dinner with no heat are non-existing (we don't even have a microwave) but hey, blog post writing does not take a functional oven, right?

Still there are things to appreciate. Tomorrow we have a cleaning agency coming over for the first weekly appoinment I am as excited as a kid for Christmas. No more nasty arguing about washing the floors or trying to hype that kids about the awesome task of scrubbing the toilet. It is even a lot cheaper than I expected. Only 45$ for a weekly cleaning by a small company that use only environmental friendly cleaning stuff. Yay. The thought of stepping through the door on any random Thursday to a clean home - aaaaaaah.

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