fredag den 26. januar 2018

Time to go home

The conference is over and it has not been sleep that has been on the agenda. Some of it due to dry air = waking up in the middle of a night feeling like a mummy buried in a desert for 200 years, some of it due to waking EST time, and - well - some of it due to staying up way too late in a hotel bar (without having to pay because those with more fancy careers than mine happily left their credit cards in the bar).
Despite my hate of skiing I actually didspend time outside. On a snow shoe tour. Where it took 3 retired ski bum ladies about 1 1/2 hours to equip 40 people. Sigh. We took the gondola up the mountain right on the rim where any water will either go to the pacific or the Atlantic Ocean depending on what side you are on. And since everyone else took selfies I though I’d better take one too. So I grabbed my phone, pulled my glove off with my teeth, forgot that I was still having a glove in my mouth and ended up with this:
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But I guess it does reflect my relationship with snow quite accurately.........

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