fredag den 12. januar 2018

Are you cold?

If any of you ever wake up in the morning and wonder: have I ever felt real cold? Not just cold, but bonechilling painful cold!Well, this blogpost is for you.
If you can answer yes to every single question you are a true cold trooper. If not.... well then you have not lived life to the fullest!
1) have your nose ever filled up with ice crystals within 10 steps of being outside?
2) did your lungs hurt when you tried to breathe?
3) have you stopped noticing how stupid ear flap hats look because you wear one every day?
4) have you ever walked your dog and had to remove icicles from under his eyes upon returning home?
5) did it sound like styrofoam last time you kicked a piece of ice?
6) have you ever been surprised that it was not warm enough for shorts when it sure felt like it? (Aka when temperatures suddenly heats up to just a few degrees below freezing).
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