søndag den 21. januar 2018

In a van full of nerds climbing up the Rockies

Greetings from Colorado, where I just arrived for a scientific conference to take place over the next 5 days with the sexy title of “organ crosstalk in obesity and NAFLD / Bioenergetics and metabolic disease”. I am currently in van a full of nerds (why oh why are we scientists always SO easy to spot when we are en clusters in an airport - LOL). We have filled up the back of the van with poster tubes and not a single set of skis or snowboards are to be found. The chauffeur was quite puzzled.....
I can honestly say that sending me to Colorado in prime ski season is to throw pearls for swine. I have never liked skiing, but since I broke my arm two years ago from slipping on the ice I have a hard time imagining that I would ever put skis on my feet. I do have a plan to go snowshoeing with my Korean colleague though. And I want to convince him to tell me all the crazy stories from when he was in the Koran military.
Otherwise I look forward to hang out with a bunch of former Danish colleagues from Novo Nordisk, to network over cocktails, and to see how intensive it gets this year with the highly competitive project I work on currently. There several pharma companies working on the same protein as me, and it is a race against time for all of them to get a compound developed before everyone else. As I spoiler alert I can add that I was only allowed to bring the least interesting of my data to this conference. Uuuuuuuuuuh

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