torsdag den 4. januar 2018

Out cold

We are back in Michigan and it is cold! Even by Michigan standards. But we are nowhere near any record breaking weather despite the stories of horrible cold spells flooding the media. As we drove back we listened to Danish radio and the had a story in the news about penguins in a zoo in Canada that had to be brought inside as it was too cold for them.
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And I hardly dare to say this - but the cold does not feel too bad....... yep, I am apparently morphing into a true Michigan trooper. Albeit I am not happy about having to leave my cozy bed in a bit to pick up one of Luca’s friends.
My body has been out cold hard though. I woke up with a terrible headache and almost a flu like feeling yesterday. I guess it was from all that time sitting in a car. As far as I remember it is not the first time that the multi day drive back from North Carolina has affected me this way. Luckily school does not start until Monday January 8th, so the kids and I still have time to recover (if one ever truly feels like having recovered anything on the first day of work/school after Christmas break.......). That also gives Ulrik time to work on some more college applications. On December 24th he got an email from university of Michigan stating that his application had not been complete so they had not been able to process it! I was furious. We had receipts for everything and if something was missing, then why didn’t they just let us know sooner? It turns out that we are responsible for having the national test score agency send out the scores to the universities. Sigh. I am apparently still too Danish in my logical thinking that universities would be granted access to national databases without my involvement. And of course it costs money to send the scores, right? Anyways - another deadline is coming up by February 1st, which will be his last chance for getting in this fall. Fingers crossed (and of course he will be applying to other universities as well as umich is quite hard to get into).

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