fredag den 6. marts 2020

Surgery and corona virus

It’s a lovely Friday in March, that I spend here on the couch slightly woozy from Ben & Jerry’s icecream and some morphine ✌🏻 Both are equally necessary to recover from having metal screws whacked deep into my jaw bones. Here in the US stuff like that gets done under full anesthesia which I really don’t mind. Especially not when the fantastic Afro-American-no-fuss female surgeon insists on playing gospel music in the room, ask my to “scoot my bootie” a little lower in the seat and calls the oxygenation cable “Queen B”. “Queen B” canNOT be crossed by any other cable in there.Period! I prefer her to any of the other entitled male oral surgeons I have had the - ehm - pleasure of dealing with previously.

Luca has also been home today too due to corona virus related school closing. Most likely the first of many. A couple of people (kids or adult - that’s not specified) have been close to confirmed corona virus victims in another state and as a precaution they are scrubbing down the schools today. I have very mixed feelings about this. I understand the worry, but I honestly don’t think this virus can be contained, and if this is the strategy I guess they will technically have to cancel schools until the summer break begins. This will not affect us too much as the kids are teens and as Kristian works from home several days per week. But what about those families that are not this lucky?
Over and out from a couch in Pennsylvania:
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