lørdag den 28. marts 2020

#stayhome day 437

Well, technically we have been doing this social isolation for about 2 weeks, but I cannot be the only one feeling like each day is stretching out for eternities - and this is for someone who has old kids perfectly capable to to feed themselves and take care of their own school work. My deepest respect goes out to those of you who have to juggle work and toddlers these days.

First and foremost: I know that the federal government takes up a lot of news with this whole COVID19 situation, but luckily it is the individual state governors who decides how to handle it on a state level, and it seems like things are fairly under control here in PA. For the first time I actually consider myself lucky for living in an area with very little public transportation and lots of space for everybody. So far I have not heard a single cough in the neighborhood nor does there seem to be any confirmed cases from the kids schools (but since schools are closed they can't really keep track of it, so technically it doesn't mean much). In addition both Kristian and I can work from home and both of us have employers that handle the situation quite well with the safety of its employees being the top priority.

We are trying our very best to stay mentally healthy and make sure that weekdays and weekends feels different. One of those seemingly little things is to keep up our daily walks with Ruby and her owner. We meet up every single morning at 7:15 and it is literally the thing that gets me out of bed:
We have office spaces set up throughout the house and until about lunch I have my office buddies joining me for homework and treats:
We try to be outside when we can. And today Ulrik, Bailey, and I ventured out on the Pennsylvanian country roads which went fine until we encountered one of those bridges where it is highly recommended to wear shoes when you cross. It totally seemed like Bailey understood why Ulrik carried him across the bridge the first time. Going back home - not so much. And it became one of those interesting wet-dog-wrestle situations where he became stuck in Ulrik's rain poncho...... I am happy to report that everyone survived and no-one got hurt (except maybe the dog's pride):
In addition there is a lot of beer brewing and puzzle making going on. And once again I have to recommend a puzzle mat. Being able to roll up a puzzle and put it away is brilliant.
We actually finished one this morning. And when I say "we finished" that is very very true. As much as I am the one spending by far the most time sorting through the pieces and building the puzzle those darn kids appear out of no-where as soon as the time for the last piece draws near. Today was no difference but the enthusiasm got a bit dampened when it seemed like there were pieces missing. It turns out that I was not the only one hiding a piece in my hand........ LOL

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