torsdag den 12. marts 2020

Corona virus Pennsylvania style

As is the case for a lot of earthlings these days our daily routines are beginning to get impacted by the corona virus. Schools have been open this week (after a thorough deep-clean over the weekend) but I highly doubt they’ll be open tomorrow. We’ll see. The neighboring county has made a complete shutdown and closed all schools, public buildings, and non-essential shops and I doubt we will follow far behind. I drove by Trader Joe’s on the way home and they were pretty much out of eggs, meat, and frozen vegetable (didn’t even bother to look for toiletpaper......).
Technically I should have been on the way to Atlanta to spend the weekend with my favorite Ann Arborite -Tammy🥺. We spent most of yesterday texting about whether we should go or not until we got notice that Atlanta was starting to close down too. And as much as I had looked forward to getting down there, it was not appealing to hang out in a closing city without knowing whether it would even be possible to make it back. We kind of decided on this in the middle of the night. Equally sleep deprived and stressed out. Unfortunately things got cancelled so late that there are not really any refunds to be had except 30% of the Airbnb cost, but so be it.
Ulrik is still in Michigan. They have closed all in-person classes but the campus as such is still open. Right now we are waiting it out to see if he should come home and whether that would be Ulrik all his stuff (going by car) or just Ulrik a suitcase (on a plane). It will depend on whether they will be required on campus for exams etc.
So for now we are waiting. And washing our hands. And disinfecting our phones every time we come home. And in the middle of all this I keep reminding myself that we are doing quite well, and that maybe - again from a global perspective - it is not a bad thing that we all get to take a break from flying and buying just to give the climate a little breather.
Last but not least: check out this bird poop!!!! Wow! This serves as a good reminder NOT to look up when geese are migrating
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