lørdag den 11. juni 2016

School's (almost) out and summer is in

The weather forecast leaves no doubt that the Midwestern summer is back:
Lucky for us the T storms do not show up as often as predicted, but it does look like we're in for some serious thunder this afternoon. Time will tell.

With summer comes the need for bright green lawns of grass = sprinkler bonanza. They have some heavy duty ones here at Briar Cove and somehow the timing has been screwed with, so we were puzzled by the strange sounds on the patio the other morning, until we looked out the door. Seriously! Is this really necessary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skp7Xj4m9Og

 There is one more week left of school - unless you are an 8'th grader graduating from Middle School. This is apparently a bigger deal than we anticipated and according to Teresa we were the ONLY parents now showing up for the graduation ceremony :-( But we did get up early and curled her hair (me) and drove her to school (Kristian) and took pictures of her outside - with a 4 legged intruder:
Next week she is going to Washington DC leaving at 4:30 AM Tuesday Morning and returning 5:30 AM Friday morning!!!!! I guess that's sort of a good thing, because then she won't have as much jetlag when she flies to Denmark Monday night to the spend the summer in Copenhagen. 

While she is gone Luca will go to a gazillion summer camps and Ulrik will be working - with that little detail that we have not found him a summer job yet, but we hope Meijer can always use some strong teenagers to push carts from the parking lot :-/

Kristian I will be working. That is always a lot of fun. Especially when you spill blue dye all over yourself and knock over towers of mouse cages. Yay - or whatever:

On the bright side is that we can sit on the patio in the evening binging on garden fresh herbs (#MojitosAreHealthyRight?):

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