søndag den 5. juni 2016

Creepy dolls and visitors from overseas

We are lucky to have visitors all the way from Denmark once more this spring. This time it is my niece and her husband on a sort of late honeymoon/work/roadtrip-trip. They came Friday evening and have spent the weekend with us before going west Monday morning.

On our own bucket list for the summer of 2016 has been The Heidelberg Project in Detroit and Belle Isle, so we filled up the van Saturday and headed for Detroit. First stop was Eastern Market, which was super crowded. We have not been this time of year before, but apparently flowers, herbs, and trees are "the shit" this time of year. We do not have enough garden space for any more flowers but we got a bunch of basil and mint for some pots by the patio. Licorice basil and pineapple mint among others:
We also had lunch at a newly opened very industrial, very hipster place called "stache". They had really good sandwiches (albeit slightly overpriced in my opinion, but who care about that anyways.....):

Then we went deeper into the the residential area of Detroit where we have never really been. On the way we passed the islamic slaughter house..... creepyyyyyyyy. It did not seem like the place to be after dark:
Finally we reached our destination: The Heidelberg Project. A block of houses converted into art 25 years ago. Some of them burned down, some are still standing. And some of them still have people living tin them. On one of the burned down houses was the creepiest collection of toys I have ever seen. Those dolls..... they are what nightmares are made off!

Other things were less creepy. And no matter what - should any of you ever come to Detroit it is worth a visit.

Unfortunately we came the wrong day for Belle Isle. There was a Grand Prix with race cars going on, and we did not feel like getting stuck in traffic for longer times, so we went back home with a pit stop at Biggby Coffee. 

Sunday we went to Church. For a special celebration that they have now paid off an 8 million $ debt for renovating the entire building, there was icecream. Guess who made the most of that? Also we now have a deal to have the sweetest guy, who used to be homeless, come teach Luca how to swim. Perfect.

 The rest of Sunday was spent in a dog-friendly way with a visit to the arb, where the peons are in full bloom:

And we introduced our guests to bubble tea right across from Ulrich's book store, where we of course HAD to get a picture. It certainly makes it a lot easier to be named Ulrik, when there is a book store in town with the same name, that everybody knows off.
The car was even washed today (or at least the windows.....)

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