fredag den 17. juni 2016

Give me a "W"

W for work as in Kristians new job at General Motors. Where he will not only get benefits (vacation, retirement, and a yearly bonus) but also a 50% salary increase. Yay. Had anyone told us some years ago (as we were still living happily in Denmark) that he would be working downtown Detroit we would most likely have laughed our - ehm - derrieres off.

W for Washington DC where teresa is returning from any minute. It's 5:30 and I am currently waiting at the Middle School for her to return. She will have exactly 2 nights on her own bed before we head to Chicago so she can fly direct to Copenhagen. I have threatened her to show up in my pyjamas if she did not send us or post any pictures. So I have gotten a bunch af boring pictures. Thank you Teresa!

W for "what a bloody mess" - quite literally! I have starting doing my little brain surgeries in live animals. Wow, that bleeds. A lot! But they mostly survive and even still like me after. Actually they are super cuddly and I certainly do not mind cuddling them every day :-)

2 kommentarer:

PeterK sagde ...

Arhh you skipped the danish translation. I had to look up patio but ok I increase my vocabulary ;-) Cool to have a nephew working downtown Detroit ;-)

Henriette sagde ...

Jeg er da glad for at du faar laert noget saa :-)
Jeg koerte sur i at oversaette og fik derfor ikke skrevet lige saa meget. Saa hellere holde mig til eet sprog og faa skrevet lidt oftere