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Teresas Research Report

Hvis nogen af jeg skulle få lyst til at besøge Danmark, så er her lidt tips til maden, vejret og skolesystemet:

by Teresa
Do you want to learn more about Denmark?
Denmark used to be the country of the Vikings but they are all dead now. Now the Danes live a life very similar to the Californians. Yet, there are differences in the way they go to school, what the weather is like, and what they like to eat.
How is school in Denmark?
In each school in Denmark you must be 6 years old before you can start. When you start in class you'll be with the same students for 10 years. One thing you need to remember is you can't buy school lunch. Many kids bring ryebread for lunch. Each day you'll geta milk for lunch if you don't bring water. You also need to call your teacher by his/her first name. In Denmark you don't need to line up in the front of the door. You also have different teachers for the different classes, that means you have to go in different rooms for each class. Each day of the week you have different classes. You need a schedule to know what homework you need to do for every day.

Here is a picture of my school in Denmark.It is next to the beach so in the summer we bring bathing suits in our schoolbags.

Howis the weather in Denmark?

Below is a picture showing the temperature for each month.

Because the temperature varies every season Denmark can look very different.Here are some pictures from spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Compared to California the weather is colder within each season. The weather is colder in Denmark because we are closer to North. The days are shorter and we have less day-light.

How is the food in Denmark?

In Denmark they eat a lot of ryebread. They eat it with "leverpostej" (liver pate) ,frikadeller (meat balls) Spegepölse (salami), marineret sild (pickled herring) and many other things. A lot of smallchildren like to eat ryebread with leverpostej. They also eat a lot of liquorice and a lot of different kinds of liquorice e.g. salty, sweet, andhot.
The warm meals in Denmarkare very similar to what is eaten in California.In summer we have a dessert called "koldskål" (cold bowl). It is mad eof buttermilk, vanila, eggyolks, and lemonrind and you eat it like a soup. We also eat a lot of liquorice icecream.

I have lived in both Denmarkand California, and I've noticed many differences between these two countries.
I have learned that in school you get lunch, it is warm, and you eat different foods.
I think that you should try to taste the danish liquorice (I like it a lot.) I hope you enjoyed my research report!

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