søndag den 24. februar 2019

48 hours later. Part 2

In order to prepare myself for the actual arrival in Pennsylvania I had set my expectation levels REALLY low. I have been expecting flight delays. Did not happen and I even got a beautiful last view of Detroit as the airplane turned
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I expected not getting my luggage - everything went smooth. And I sort of prepared myself for not making it to the leasing office in time to get the keys before they closed, which again turned out to be totally wrong. What I have been right about though is spending a shitton of money on uber. Luckily I did not exceed my expectations on uber money, but my stubborn attitude towards whether I might need a car or not is somewhat crumbling after trying to walk around the neighborhood. There are no sidewalks, narrow roads, the train stations are not super close by, and I haven’t seen a single bus stop although they do exist according to google. But I have too much other stuff to deal with right now than to make an educated decision about getting a car this weekend.
So..... I got the keys to the apartment, where I had super low expectations after reading some fairly nasty reviews online (after signing the lease if course🤦‍♀️). And it is nicer than I anticipated. It is clean and the neighbors are quiet (that says a lot about my anticipation level, right). Check! But would I want to live here with the rest of the family? Nope. Just nope.
Because things went smooth I squeezed in a trip to the local goodwill store. Well.... I had heard that there were good second hand stores here but I don’t think goodwill is one of them. All the household items were sorted by color! WTF? But I got some pots and pans (in the black section), some plates (in the blue section), glasses (in the glass colored section), and a nice rattan storage thing (in the brown section).
Next stop was hunting down an air mattress. I checked Targets website but it kept telling me that all items were online only, so I got cold feet and went to Home Depot, where they were should have them (according to the internet....). They didn’t! So I tried bed bath and beyond. Anything else but air mattresses. And by then I was very tired and felt very sorry for myself.Luckily there was a big target nearby and I finally tracked down that stupid air mattress. And blankets. And some towels. And a rug for the front door. And shampoo etc.
Last but not least I expected not to sleep much the first night........ I don’t think it is necessary to go into details about whether my expectations were met!, but I really do hope that I will get some decent sleep tonight as I don’t want to meet up for my first day of work looking like something the cat dragged in.
But since I don’t want to end this blogpost with everyone thinking “gosh. What a whiny ungrateful asshole filled with nothing but feeling sorry for herself” it actually seems nice here! There is a Trader Joe’s right behind me, people I run into seems happy and content (my guess is that not having to deal with Michigan winters is a big factor - LOL), and all my uber drivers yesterday only had good things to say about this corner of the state - well except the idiot trumpist driver, who claimed that the car industry must have been doing SO much better with all the new regulations (oh yes. They already had massive layoff rounds. How’s that for an improvement) and that he loved Denmark (without ever setting foot in any European country BTW). But he since he was from Pittsburgh, I am not surprised (she said without ever having set foot in Pittsburgh herself.........).

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Christina sagde ...

Tillykke med dit nye job! Og hvor er det spaendende, at du er flyttet. Vi har boet 2 aar i London, men til sommer flytter vi til Seattle. Vi har flyttet en del de sidste 5 aar, saa vi glaeder os til at faa en base i USA, hvilket har vaeret vores droem laenge. Vores boern er 4 og 6 aar, og vi er realistiske og forventer at det bliver haardt for dem med endnu en flytning, men i det lange loeb haaber vi, at det er den helt rigtige beslutning. Vi er i fuld gang med at undersoege skoleomraader udenfor Seattle, saa vi forhaabentlig kan finde den helt "rigige" skole og omraade i foerste forsoeg. Kiggede I efter noget bestemt ift en god skole? Jeg synes, at det er svaert, da en god skole for mig lige saa meget handler om, at boernene bliver hele mennesker og ikke kun om de akademiske resultater... Spaendende at foelge jeres historie, og jeg oensker jer alt det bedste i den kommende tid. Tak fordi vi maa foelge med.