onsdag den 20. februar 2019


These days are not easy. On Saturday I fly out to Philadelphia where I will start my new job. The rest of the family is staying back in Michigan for now, as we see no need to drag two teenagers across states in the middle of the school year. And in addition we have decided to let them spend the summer there as well, so they can be with their friends (and go to the good summer camps - it has taken us years to figure out which ones to send your kids to and some of them require the parents to be ready by the computer at 6AM on the first registration day!). Luckily there will only be a few states between us this time which will make it a lot easier to visit both ways. But still...... the thought of getting keys to an empty apartment Saturday afternoon and then go to target to get an air mattress to sleep on that first night in said empty apartment is not appealing.
But hopefully this will all be worth it Monday morning when I have my official first day as...... drumroll please........ SENIOR SCIENTIST in obesity! With no end date on the contract! And 6 digits in my yearly salary! And a bunch of new colleagues I have only heard good things about! I am still hardly believing it myself. These positions do not come easy and at times I honestly think that scientists applying for tenure track in academia have better odds.
So here I am. Trying not to panic. Hugging my kids a little more than usual. Pretending not to cry in my coffee in the morning. Everything will be OK!

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