fredag den 6. april 2018

Campus day

The last stretches to fill up colleges have begun. Once you are accepted into a school it is time to go to “campus day” where they will do everything in their might to convince the admitted students that they should certainly chose this particular school. And how to do that in at university of Michigan? Well you gather all the students and their parents in an impressive auditorium in an impressive building, greet them with an army of super duper friendly undergrads wearing blue shirts and Colgate smiles, and........ you play marching band music nonstop🙄
Here we are. Ulrik and I. Being - ehm - very impressed with the setup:
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And then the speeches begin.With a surprising number of students telling stories about how they never ever considered going to umich, until they visited and ended up turning down a bunch of other schools. In the middle of all this I had to leave to go to a work seminar, and Ulrik got to stay and sing “Hail the victors” and tour buildings on central campus.
We did manage to find each other prior to lunch (after a bunch of dorky “I am here” screenshots followed by “where are you” texts)
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We had lunch at one of the dining halls and I was quite surprised with the variety of the food (including healthy options) and the speed at which they were able to dish them out to serve the crowd of hungry students.
Last but not least we went for a tour with Stamps school of art and design (where Ulrik has been admitted to). And we learned that this year they have had more than 1000 applicants to fill in 150 spots. This means that Ulrik has been in the top 15% of the students applying! A piece of information that fit him quite well. And we toured the big roomy but messy classrooms that very obviously had onepurpose: to be used! We also met a few of the professors showing the curriculum for the first year. And there can be no doubt that he will be drilled with a bunch of techniques in drawing and painting on to of wood work, metal work, weaving, print making etc etc.
And once more we were beyond impressed with what this school has to offer. Most importantly Ulrik can’t wait to get started.

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