lørdag den 16. september 2017

School is back

This post was written last week but would not upload from my phone. Turned it did upload eventually - so here it is. A week late

First week of school is over and done with. With happy kids who have not been drowned in homework so far. Luca is now a middle schooler and I am so grateful that we could send him to a school that he already knows and where these awkward preteens just love to be. He will be taking introduction to French and German as well as acting which frankly makes me feel super old (how did time pass so this little redhead who was 5 just a blink of an eye ago is now learning French?????).
Ulrik and Teresa are quite happy as well. Teresa thought about taking US history AP, as all her friends do it (apparently). Well all her friends are now apparently spending a couple of hours every single night doing history homework. The only thing she is not happy with it taking algebra with a bunch of 8th graders from middle school who passed a test so they can get high school credits while still being in middle school. If only she had figured that out and she had to when shewas in middle school. Hrmpf! And she had to be recognized as her older brothers sister in German. "Ach so! Du bist Ulriks schwester, jah?"
Ulrik has a schedule completely devoid of math, which he is more than happy with. He will be having more ceramics, introduction to art and design, computer science, web design, engineering, and physics. Plus the mandatory English and some literature classes. He is also very close to getting his chairs. An endless saga beginning with him suffering from daily headaches last year, since he is too tall for furniture in the school. Well. We got a form from the doctor, which we then sent to the school nurse, who then requested chairs from the councilor, who filled out paperwork galore, finally getting the school to order in one chair Ulrik could test. That chair ended behind a locked door in the janitors office due to some miscommunication. Just after school ended last year I got an email saying that all chairs were now in (one for each of his classes). Then it was summer. And now the chairs have vanished again. The poor councilor has promised that he will personally track them down if they have not appeared by the end of the past week - which they have not........
Last but not least we are still adjusting to the new morning schedule where all kids need to be out the door at the same (way too early) time. But it works and Luca has been quite the champ getting ready on time.
Well, I'll go back to watching how to make tiny foods with tiny utensils together with med youngest son.
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