søndag den 10. september 2017

I can't look away

have been glued to my phone this weekend following all new updates on Irma on CNN and instagram. I am equally terrified and fascinated by this monster hurricane which I have never been before. I guess it is because I have actually been to Florida and can relate much better because of this. It sends chills down my spine to think about what it must be like waiting for a storm that makes wind gusts of more than 100 mph yet inches itself closer with only 12 mph. What if it were the stores in my neighborhood that ran out of everything and I had to weigh the risk of not evacuating with the risk of getting stuck with en empty tank on a highway bumper to bumper. What if I knew that my home might not make it, and even if it did it would be loitered by the time I returned?
I have watched in awe of nature when the storm sucks beaches dry after passing and how it tips over giant cranes.
And I have been worried on behalf of several of my colleagues, who have family and friends down there while at the same time being SO grateful that I can go to sleep without worrying about storms and surges (and earth quakes).
And I feel so incredibly small and I am embarrassed every time I take out a can of plastic and trash feeling like I contribute too much to global warming while at the same time feeling like the tiniest drop in the ocean when I bring my own bags to the grocery store and everybody else binges on plastic bags.
I have nothing comforting or smart to say. But I hope with all my heart that the people of Florida will do their best to stay safe ❤️
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