søndag den 14. juli 2019

Paying it forward

see myself as a strong independent woman who trusts no-one better than herself when things need to be done. And for a long time in my life I could get away with that. But with the bumps and twists of life I have learned that sometimes even the most strong and independent women find themselves I situations where help is much appreciated. And during our time here in the US, where it certainly feels like the downs have been more prominent than the ups, I have learned to accept help. And I have become humbled towards those who need it too. Again and again I have met people who have gone out of the way to help us without expecting anything in return and often there is no way for me to pay that help back. What I have promised myself instead is to pay it forward. It may seem cliche, but it makes so much sense, and it complete takes the awkwardness out of those situations where there’s really no way to return a favor.
And why do I ramble about this right now? Because I am once again on the receiving end of things. It is no secret that I do not cope well with my current living situation, and that my upstairs neighbor has been driving me crazy. He has been gone for more than a month (probably being back in India would be my guess) and this Friday he returned. With jet lag! Which means we are back to me being woken at odd hours in the night because of the noise from upstairs. The poor guy is certainly not a monster, but with a non existing insulation against noise, there is not much living he can do upstairs without me hearing (and feeling) e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! And I have tried my best to find a way to deal with the last few weeks here, but yesterday I was rescued by an awesome Dane, who lives in Doylestown. She is letting me stay at their house as they will be traveling most of July and I am beyond relieved to have had my last night in this hole of a place. I still have to pay rent until the end of August and I am not moving my furniture until our new place is available, but no more sleepless nights due to heat and noise! ❤️🤩
I promised to bring a good bottle of wine with me tonight, but I think I will make that Aperol spritz instead. Can’t wait to sip that on a patio in Doylestown.
I promise to pay it forward when I get a chance!
And here’s a picture of bailey wearing fake teeth. Because it is awesome and because there really aren’t any pictures well suited for this post anyway
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