torsdag den 21. december 2017

2017 throwback

This year is about to end, and once more I am surprised when I look back. Days in Michigan in the winter feels long and monotonous, and I tend to forget all the wonderful experiences we have had throughout the year. So here it goes - highlights of 2017:

The year started sunny and beyond beautiful in the Bay Area, where we got to spend January 1st in Bodega Bay:
 Followed by some serious chocolate and icecream overlad:
Then we got back to Michigan and decided to get out and about just a little bit. But Detroit zoo did not really meet our expectations.....

February was spent by the pool side as it is the prime time of synchronized swimming:
And of course I always suffer from super serious cabin fever at that time of year and try to use sheer willpower to make spring arrive early. That never really seems to work, but Luca was a good companion to get out with me and cut down some trees to put inside in a vase..... to stare at...... until they bloom
We also got to walk llamas for the first time EVER! Who even knew you could take them for a walk?
And then came April and spring break and a wonderful trip to Toronto, where we got our cravings for big city atmosphere satisfied:

In May I had the pleasure of going back to Copenhagen for the first time in years. It was one of the most exhausting trips I have ever made. Science, collaborations, meetings, friends, family and "romkugler" all mixed up in way too little time. It felt amazing to be back home, while at the same time it made me realize that we will probably not come back to live there - and that is OK.

We also took a trip down to Cincinnati in Ohio, for a(nother) synchronized swim meet. Those Ohio girls - the synchrogators - were amazing. And it was fun to watch all Teresa's hard work come together in the routines:
The end of May also brings pool season. Highly anticipated in this family:
And last, but not least, it was also around this time we became a two-cars-family. I truly think this was one of the best days in Kristian's life in a long time:
I decided to spend a sunny early summer weekend on my biggest DIY project ever. Re-upholstering a couch. In the middle of it I felt like it was a very wrong idea, but luckily the end result turned out to be something I am quite proud of. Here is our living room during the mid-couch-crisis:
Then we got to go North on the first camping trip of the year. Lake Michigan in the summer..... aaaaah :-)
Followed by another and longer camping trip with my sister who came to spend a few weeks with us. But first Teresa needed to spend her birthday gift:
And if any of you ever wonder if you can kill a teenagers dream of becoming a pilot by giving them an instructed flying lesson? Well, that does NOT work.......

While we were up north we got to take Christine to one of our all time favorite spots in the state: Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor (Man, I could really eat one of those grilled cheese sandwiches they have right now):

 And then came start of school. With Luca being quite nervous of moving into Middle School (usually not the best of times in any kids life - probably related to that super awkward age). Well, he loves it. And embraces everything he can get away with including school sports:

And we have come to the point in life where we can add helping kids with college applications to our parent CV. Here's Ulrik's mandatory contour drawn self portrait for applying to Art and Design school:
Our parenting skills also upgraded to "teaching teenagers how to drive". Or well, Kristian's parenting skills that is. I do not gracefully embrace the experience of being stuck in a car with a teen behind the wheel. Ahem.

We got to spend sunny, warm, and wonderful autumn days with a visit to the Frederick Meijer Gardens:
With runs in Detroit:
Succulent binging (is it even possible not to love succulents?)
And getting our fingers stuck in Halloween deco at Target:
Now it is the time of year where Christmas is right around the corner, and where Luca's love of lusekatter has become so overwhelming that he spends his own allowance on saffron:
We can't wait to escape the cold for a bit and drive down south to North Carolina, where we get to spend Christmas in our wonderful extended family here in the states. So long Michigan winter (and please please please do not be too harsh on us next year, OK?)

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