torsdag den 4. maj 2017

What's next?

The clock is ticking and my original contract with university of Michigan runs out in less than 5 months. Then what? Well, I had always anticipated that by now we would know for certain, but truth is that we don't. Biotech is booming in San Francisco and I have been there a few times for all day interviews and seminars, but I have not landed a position. Apparently the supply of scientists wanting to get into the industry exceeds the demand manifold. Or maybe God wants us to stick around in Michigan a little longer and closes doors in our face to make us stay. I don't know.
What I do know is that my two big projects at work are finally lifting off ground after more than a year of animal breeding, protocol trouble shooting, and technical obstacles of keeping a pancreas functioning in a sedated open mouse. I also know that Randy is more than happy to keep me for another year. I know that my kids are in amazing schools right now and that Ulrik gets to graduate high school next summer. But this will also mean one more harsh winter in Michigan, one more year of Kristian commuting to Detroit every day, and countless sleepless nights worrying about if we will ever settle.
"No one said it would be easy" - but does it really have to be THIS hard?

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