lørdag den 4. marts 2017

Working on a Saturday pros and cons

It's Saturday morning and I am at work. I admit that I try to avoid working on the weekends and that I am really good at feeling sorry for myself when I have to swap weekend morning coffee in bed for lab work. BUT there are some benefits though:

- I usually sleep in Luca's rock-hard excuse for a bed when I have to get up early as the only one. This gives me dog company most of the night as well, providing me with a wonderful deep sleep so I can excitedly jump out of bed when the first rays of the sun hit my face directly through the perfectly working blinds,  BUT sleeping somewhere else than  my own bedroom also means that I have to use the kids bathroom, where Teresa has her stash of amazing lotions and beauty products. And the trick is to forget to bring my own supply from my own bathroom so I kind of have to use hers.......

- working on the weekends means that there are not a lot of other people here which makes it kind of lonely (but on the other hand amplifies the feeling of being a true scientist making sacrifices) BUT I get to listen to Danish radio out loud without getting any sarcastic comments. Yay.

- the procedure I am doing today requires a lot of 10x5 minutes washing steps (which is an endless bore) BUT because it is technically weekend I don't have to pretend that I spend that time reading papers or do some other useful stuff. I can blog instead.

- and finally: working this weekend not only gives me a headstart on some experiments so I can take extra time off when my sister is here in a week from now (she is flying in for my birthday) BUT it gives Kristian and the kids an entire day to find some amazing gifts for me.

And finally finally - which is really completely unrelated - someone in the household finally finally finally got a smart phone. T mobile had an offer, where we could add an extra line for free, and we took full advantage from that. Here he is with his new BFF (I really don't know why he thinks that a phone should be carried everywhere all the time. He most definitely does not pick that up from his parents.......):

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