torsdag den 29. december 2016

More Bay Area Christmas

What to do on Christmas Morning? Well, when you are not at home and do not have family nearby and already opened your presents and the sun is shining…….. then you go outside of course. We chose to go to Chinatown, as that was very high on our bucket list and since Christmas is not a Chinese holiday then Chinatown is open for business.  We parked in a garage close to Little Italy and experienced fortune cookie wise words for parking – something we have never seen before. We thought this parking spot was perfect for us:

Chinatown was busy with locals and tourists. It has not changed much over the past 5 years, but I personally think that the stores have more things for sale that are not “Chinese junk”. We had bubble tea, and dragon beard candy and ended up on a Japanese restaurant for lunch  that turned out to be exactly as good as the place we could no longer find in Japantown. It was really a pleasant surprise.

The crowds only got more crowded and since there were not that many other places being open in SF we chose to go to get a glimpse of the Pacific. We didn’t want to drive all the way out to Point Reyse, but rather just go to Rodeo Beach (which is right here) . Well. If anyone ever wonders what tourists do in San Francisco for Christmas day............. they all go to get pictures of Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin headlands viewpoint.  Which was exactly the route we took to get to Rodeo Beach. Sigh. And the sad thing was that once you got into the backed-up line of cars there was no getting out. About 1½ hour later we finally reached the beach. And since the tunnel that would get us out of there without going straight back into the traffic we just got out off was closed, we chose to do a sunset hike and hope that the traffic would have cleared by the time we got back.

Lucky for us the tunnel was open again as we were back at the car and we could go straight back and cook Christmas dinner a day late.

Tuesday was the day Luca had been waiting for. He got so see Emilia again – his BFF from kindergarten. It was so good to be back with old friends for a bit and see how much each other’s kids had grown. Their family was extended with a couple of extra dogs which we obviously didn’t mind.

Otherwise we have been hiking some more (in the really muddy Tilden – it took some shoe cleaning before going back to the car), we have had more dinners and we have hung out with more old friends.

And also we have been watching more sunsets. We went to Berkeley Marina last night, where the view to San Francisco is incredible.

Every day passing by right now serves to show us that we cannot think of a place we would rather want to live in the future then right here in beautiful North California.

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