søndag den 31. juli 2016

In the past week

- 2 household members turned 14. One as counted in human years and one as counted in dog years. We shipped a card + some sleezy gossip magazines to Teresa on top of the birthday gift of British pounds for shopping in London. I made the mistake of using Fedex instead of the postal office and I am NOT going to embarrass myself revealing how much that cost, but we could have shipped a very big box for the same amount of money at the postal office
Nope. He is not wearing a diaper on his head. Luca worked hard to make a "party hat"

- we have cleaned out kids rooms. Luca's room needs that quite often (sigh) but we also got Teresa's room done including getting a new dresser.
- we are not good friends with the US sprinkler mania (we currently have muddy soggy grass non stop where we live). Here is a sprinkler sprinkling away during a massive down pour. #WhySaveWater?
- Kristian has had his first test launch at GM including getting up at 4AM to restart servers, working during weekends, and working late. I have finally (finally finally) gotten so far in my setting up of surgeries/brain anatomy/floating-sections-for-immuno-histo-chemistry that I got to do my first micro infusion directly into distinct brain areas. It took quite some boot camping for me and the test subjects to relax during these experiments, but we are totally pro's by now
- I have had to say goodbye to the summer intern who's biggest accomplishment has literally saving my a.. with some of the new methods that just would not work no matter how hard we tried. They worked the last day of his 10 week stay! and he got me a little token, that I can hang on my wall to remind me of never quitting:
- last but not last "someone" has a lot of fun with silly putty. Here he disguised himself as a chicken


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