lørdag den 21. januar 2017

Temporary II

I have previously written about that feeling of temporariness that can be very overwhelming for expats (hmmmm, that post was written in February last year – maybe the Michigan winter also carries some of the responsibility for those feelings…….). Well, the clock is ticking even louder for us now.  Change has to happen this year as my contract runs out in September. I am more than ready to move on to a “real” job that is not temporary, comes with a salary that actually reflects my level of education, and has retirement savings included. But “real” jobs with such a high and specialized level of education do not come easy. They are few and scattered. 

On top of this friends are starting to move away. Some of them used to live, where we live – temporary rental units – and have managed to escape. And some have to go back to their own countries. And for us this emphasizes the longing to grow roots. To stay longer than a few years. To get a home that is truly ours. 

Oh, and did I mention that we have to seriously start thinking about college for Ulrik without knowing where we’ll live or how our financial situation will be? And that we start getting emails about info meetings for Luca who should be joining Middle School next year – we just don’t know if it will be here? And that I turn 40 in a few months and will officially be midways in life without having a clue of what’s next  (of the irony of always fearing that with 40 came the feeling of suddenly realizing that life was boring and monotone without any surprises left!  I guess I more or less elegantly dodged that one).

Bottom line is that these worries tend to swallow everything else including appreciating what we have. We have icy lakes and forests that are good for exploring together with the dog – even in January

We have monkeys that steal bananas

Beautiful sunrises

And sometimes the weather is just right to build a snowman while waiting for the school bus

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