lørdag den 28. januar 2017

A mild January and how "to redneck" in style

January is coming to an end and it is one of those Saturday mornings that should elicit a diploma in project management! Kristian (and a somewhat demotivated Luca) have been in Livonia for the 5K park run. They went with one of our friends who just dropped off her daughter Julia for a big music event at the high school, where you get judged on your solo performance. I then got Teresa in the car, went to pick up Julia and her viola to drive both girls to Julia's house, where they could change for the synchro swim meet at Huron high school. Then I went to work to take care of my rats that just came out of surgery, and while I was there I received a text if I could maybe have an extra kid for the day (the cutest 6 months old ever!) while the parents try to get their freshly purchased house ready.

So here I am with a whining dog, who apparently does not remember that he did indeed go for a walk this morning, waiting for a knock on the door.

So far January has been extraordinary mild. And almost completely devoid of sunshine, with greyness ruling the skies. I have even managed to bike to work 3 1/2 days this week! But the temperatures are dropping and since the Farmers almanac predicted frigid cold in February, I am grateful for any non frigid days coming my way.

But cabin fever is still sneaking in on us. So last Saturday (which we the warmest day in months) we decided to go for an outing. To Cabelas..... a giant outdoor and hunting store. Well. In my opinion it is a redneck paradise with ridiculous amounts of guns and "everything mossy oak".

Seriously - you can decorate your entire living room like that:

 And set the dinner table with deer decorated plates:

While your antler lamp is shining its soft light on the table:

And you can hang pictures on the wall to set the tone for the conversation:

On top of this they have giant displays of live and stuffed animals:

I will however spare you for my opinion on the clientele in the gun corner.........

And while the rest of the family would love to go back, I think I will find something else to do that day ;-)

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