lørdag den 18. februar 2017

A spring tradition

It is absolutely no secret that winter is not my favorite time of year. And by the time we reach the end of February I am close to desperate for sunshine and greens and chirping birds and iced coffees. The farmers almanac predicted frigid cold and it's usually right about 85% of the time. But this year we are having the 15% weather with a very mild February so far culminating with sunshine and 16C today. Nice!

Anyways, to wait for spring a little bit more patiently I usually go out and cut down some trees - well not the whole tree, but just those parts that fit in a vase. Today Luca went with me. But not until he after he made crepes! Luca in the kitchen all by himself for the first time ever. The kitchen is still standing and the crepes were really good
Then we went outside armed with sturdy scissors:

And played with the hopefully very last snow this winter - albeit I doubt it knowing how crazy the weather usually behaves:

And here are our 15 different kinds of cut-offs. It's always a pleasure to see them start blooming in all different kinds of colours and flowers. Let the wait begin

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