søndag den 26. juni 2016

Yesterday we entered the wardrobe crossed the bridge to Narnia Sarnia which is in Canada right across from Port Huron (see map here). The purpose was to do a Danish Sankt Hans midsummer celebration with a bonfire together with other Danes, primarily from Michigan. This is the third time we celebrate Sankt Hans in the US. 4 years ago we did it on the beach in California (read about that here) and last year we were in Ann Arbor with my colleagues (more about that here).

This also happened to be the first opportunity to test if our green cards actually worked, and we were more than ready to cross the border:

We were however less prepared for 40 minutes of wait time to cross the border. Sigh. We have not had to do any passport control in a car for quite some time and I certainly don't miss it.

Lucky for us a wonderful pool and good company was awaiting on the other side:
Luca spend every single minute from 3:30 to about 6:30 in the pool, and maybe he fell asleep in the car still wearing his swimgear....... He maybe even slept in it and did not change until Sunday afternoon...... But hey, he is at least very clean!

We enjoyed all the most Danish of Danish summer foods such as "koldskaal", "grillmad" (anything barbecued), "matador mix" and "snobroed". Yum. It was quite fun to watch some of the kids trying to roast a "snobroed" for the very first time and it did not take long before most kids were doing s'mores instead.
Today has been a quiet Sunday. We picked up Bailey from his sleepover at his friends house (Freya - the super excited, chubby bulldog with the craziest undershot I have ever seen. She actually will scratch you with her teeth when she tries to lick). Bailey had apparently not been super happy and even refused to eat :-( And he was beyond exstatic to see us all again. 

We have skyped with Teresa in Denmark. She is doing good and has been more than busy hanging out with all of her friends.

And we have watched Kurt and Sophie (our patio chipmunks) dart across about a gazillion times today. They must really like the heat! We also found a toad. A very dumb toad! It tried to hide under Bailey. Lucky for the dumb toad his hiding spot was also quite dumb and we managed to rescue it into safety.

Otherwise we a re recharging for another round of weekdays. Kristian's new job is going really well, but he is of course tired. Luca has been worn out for a week of outdoor day camp activities, but seems to be ready for a week of Star Wars camp in the upcoming week. We have tried to find a job for Ulrik but have not succeeded. And I struggle with my rat brain surgeries that takes a lot of practice, and some geometry as I need to angle my cannulas with 0.1mm precision......... Stay tuned

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