lørdag den 14. marts 2020

Planning ahead

Covid 19 starts to feel increasingly real and we are preparing mentally for a loooong spring/summer with no physical school for the kids and a lot of working from home. First step has been to retrieve Ulrik. So far campus is not completely closed down and there was also some uncertainty as to whether the students would be required to take their exams on campus or not. This is very clearly not the case and we made a decision this morning to drive over and pick him ASAP rather than wait an additional week as we had planned. The whole situation looks and feels drastically different now that it did just a few days ago, and we do not want to risk travel complications due the expected exponential growth of infected people. We had very much looked forward for all of us to go to Michigan and reconnect with friends but instead it has almost turned into a military operation with a "go, retrieve target, return" feel to it. And so be it!

I have become "annoying mom" who insists on creating a disciplined approach to our weekday lives so we don't end up paying a big mental price for staying homebound for what is likely to be months. I still have to report to work as I have experiments going on and after all it is a little hard to run those on your own home. All meeting activity has been converted to skype and anyone who does not have lab obligations is required to stay at home. I am probably the worst one to adapt to being at home anyways, as I turn into a "caged rat" as my sweet husband describes it, so I do not mind having to go to work. To try to encourage at least some level of physical fitness I had Luca pick out a youtube fitness blender video this morning which we ended enjoying quite a bit. Afterwards we went to the bookstores in Doylestown to stock up on books. We ended buying a giant bag full of books at the secondhand bookstore plus a few extra Stephen King novels and some more 1000 piece puzzles in the regular bookstore. The library has closed and I simply hate the thought of not having any books.

Otherwise I do my best not to panic. I follow the situation in Denmark quite closely and they are under complete lockdown with all borders closed. Super scary. And considering the current governmental cluster-fuck in the US I doubt the situation will be handled very well here. I am trying to prepare myself for a complete meltdown of the health care system and it is high on my list that we all stay as healthy as possible over the next months.

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