fredag den 22. september 2017

10 reasons this Friday is better than usual

1) last time we shopped for toilet paper we allowed Luca to chose. BIG mistake! Today we finally used the last roll of the horrible single layer "sandpaper" from the giant pack. Never again will we allow him to chose. EVER

2) I took the kids to the school bus this morning, and when I get home I have just a bit of time for myself which I spent nursing all my new little succulent babies ✌🏻
3) we did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday. So there is no rushing to Aldi tonight
4) actually we do not have to rush anywhere since Teresa cancelled her swim practice tonight. Picking her up in the middle of watching a movie Friday night is a task neither Kristian nor I am excited about
5) speaking of movies: tonight we will watch "Olsen Banden" (it's a Danish thing.....) since my sister send the entire collection. Yay
6) and we will have a ton of (Danish) candy to go with that (again since my sister just sent a fresh supply). Thank you Christine❤️
7) the weather is awesome. I even biked wearing shorts this morning
8) I am not doing brain infusions today which means I can drink however much coffee I feel like (I have to stay away from coffee on infusion days as I can't have my hands shaking even just a tiny bit)
9) I have chocolate in my drawer
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10) ehm. I ran out of reasons. But 9 is not a bad number either, right?

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